Free Introduction

Free Forex Trading Introduction

Forex trading in South Africa is taking off a lot faster than expected. We have been able to trade Forex for some time, but only recently has it caught the attention of the public.

I’ve been in the industry long enough to see many new companies open and close, and even more traders open and lose their accounts. I get to hear the horror stories on a daily basis. I blame how Forex trading is advertised.

A lot of sites focus on how much you can make by trading, and the problem is that it is theoretically possible to make an absolute fortune trading Forex but it is incredibly unlikely. So to help people out get an understanding of how the whole thing actually works I have decided to release the first part of my new online forex course for free. No charge, no catch, no funny registrations.

You can select the sub menus for each section of the introduction. This section of the course goes through a lot of the information a starting out Forex trader would need to know. From what is a pip, how does leverage work, how to read a chart right through to how money is actually made trading the market.

Once you’ve finished the free lectures, or even before, you are welcome to enroll in the complete course. You can preview it here –


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If you don’t want to pay for the course, we also offer the complete course to anyone who opens a live account. This lets you open a relatively small account and spend nothing on training, but still getting access to a complete trading course.

But don’t worry, if all you want is to remain completely anonymous and learn more about forex trading then please go ahead and browse through the sub menus!