Switching things up

Here, at Complete Trader, we’re doing things a little differently…

I have been trading since 2003, and started training a few years after that. So over the years I have seen many “Forex traders” and trainers popping in to existence. Some offering you the world on a silver platter for the low low price of XXX USD.

Forex trading in South Africa can be very lucrative, but only if you do it right from the start. You will see on this website that I have released the first half of one of my courses for free. You don’t even need to register, all you have to do is browse.¬†Free Introduction

We’re also offering a fully comprehensive tutorial on how to use Meta Trader 5 and 4. All tutorials and videos are made in house. Our trading strategies are so good that we can give away all the other things for free, no obligation, not even asking you to sign up so I can mail you. Although that would be nice!

Forex Training

We are first and foremost traders, and do not teach more than two weeks¬†per month so that we can continue to trade our own accounts. I don’t think it is ethical for someone to teach how to trade, when they are not trading themselves. We may on occasion have a one day offer over a weekend as well.

Please view the Forex Training page for more information on course options.